Charming corners of Hoveton and Wroxham - Gateway of the Broads Waterways

Charming corners of Hoveton and Wroxham - Gateway of the Broads Waterways
See the majestic wildlife at close quarters

A warm, friendly welcome on board

Heather is a traditional yet quirky houseboat, laying on the Broads Waterways of Norfolk and Suffolk. Maintained by friends, she has been home to artists, holiday visitors and mariners for generations.

See on board the houseboat, visit the touring shop and relax on the riverside.

7 October 2011

Heather, laying at the King's Head Moorings, Hoveton St John

Following major restoration works at Royall & Sons Boatyard, Hoveton (please see Royall's Blog), the Houseboat returned in the late September sun to the ancient Private/Public Mooring of the King's Head, Hoveton St John ~ 'The Gateway Village of the Broads'. Upstream from the historic Wroxham road bridge, along Hoveton Riverside Walk is Heather's present home, beside the old oak tree.

The King's Head Staithe, as this site is properly known, is where the pioneering Broadland boat builder, John Loynes, established one of the first organised hire boat facilities on the Broads in the 1870's. At this time much of the surrounding landscape was undeveloped marsh, with simple agricultural cottages dotted around the medieval bridge. There are remains of an adjoining cattle crossing and watering place, just above the bridge.

Our hosts at the King's Head Hotel provide enticing refreshments for locals and visitors alike. One can sit indoors or outside in the extensive grounds to enjoy the wildlife and watercraft glide along the bountiful River Bure.

Just arrived, with the starboard side concealed with the awning. The new sign of the King's Head is to the right. The railway bridge is in the left background.

Further information coming soon.

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