A warm, friendly Heather welcome

We are delighted to share Heather, an historic boat, artistic refuge and home for over a century, laying on the ancient Broads Waterways of Norfolk.

It is our aim to preserve the distinctive character of Heather, enabling future generations to enjoy her charms. We welcome you to explore the houseboat and bountiful riverside beyond...

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

17 May 2012

Flying colours

Heather will be flying the flag for genuine Broads heritage at the Green Boat & Tourism Show on Sunday. Look out for a display of colourful pennant flags of historic Hoveton & Wroxham boatyards.

The triangular flags were especially redrawn from a period document by nautical science student, Matthew Nicholson, for Celebrate Hoveton ~ Picnic in the Park 2011. The community festivals were staged at the Riverside Park, situated above Wroxham Bridge. They were envisaged as cultural, but at the same time fun 'picnics', in the mould of the original Broads Water Frolics. Some of the Celebrate Hoveton ideas have been so successful, that they have been subsequently copied by a local public organisation.

Two new pennants were used for the occasion. One represented the Broads area (above left), depicting a flock of Whooper swans in flight. Celebrate Hoveton (right) incorporates a roundel with a stylised ale hoof (ground ivy) leaf ~ a marsh loving plant and a possible derivation of the village name of Hoveton. The Celebrate Hoveton flag was designed by Matthew Nicholson and echoes the famed, native Broads fleet pennants of the past. 

The houseboat, in a small way, will continue the mission of the Celebrate Hoveton project, by being a mobile exhibition space......


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King's Head Staithe, Hoveton, pictured from Wroxham public Parish Staithe