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We are delighted to share Heather, an historic boat, artistic refuge and home for over a century, laying on the ancient Broads Waterways of Norfolk.

It is our aim to preserve the distinctive character of Heather, enabling future generations to enjoy her charms. We welcome you to explore the houseboat and bountiful riverside beyond...

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

3 June 2012

Juibilee Wherry Day at Wroxham Broad

Day one of the Jubilee celebrations saw a spectacular gathering of local Broads sailing wherries at Wroxham Broad ~ the first time this has occurred since 2005. The Norfolk Wherry Trust organised the occasion to mark the centenary of the building of Ella, the last known trading wherry. We were privileged to crew aboard Wherry MAUD, as part of the flotilla.

The wherries had their first sail around the broad lake in the morning, under glorious sunshine. The five available wherries then anchored in front of the yacht club house for lunch. A second informal sail took place in the afternoon, under sullen clouds.

Due to the nature of the Broads area, sadly, the public did not have a grand view of this rare occasion. Happily, some people watched from the shore and on board pleasure boats.

Wherries were often used as houseboats. I recently learnt that Richard Dimbleby, Commentator for the BBC television broadcast of the Coronation in 1953, resided on his barge, near the Palace of Westminster, during preparations for the Coronation day itself.


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King's Head Staithe, Hoveton, pictured from Wroxham public Parish Staithe