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We look forward to welcoming visitors in 2018, as we celebrate ninety years since the rebuilding of a truly unique vessel.

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

6 October 2012

Flying the flag

The finishing touches have been made to the little display flagstaff on the house roof; affixed forward, where the nineteen twenties cabin began. The reclaimed oak ensign staff was cleaned up and oiled. This is held in place by a small steel tabernacle or bracket, enabling it to be scandalised ~ lowered to a horizontal position, especially when going through some of the notoriously low old Broadland bridges. To complete the arrangement, Robert Paul of Ludham Bridge Services, made up some stainless steel stays to hold the staff in place.

Eli Chamberlain stitched neatly together pieces of red, white and blue woven fabric with flat fell seams to replicate a Turner's pennant, based on the original 1950's design. Eli is a retired designer/stylist, with a career including design of stage and television costumes and latterly the owner of a bridal fashion shop.

A hoist line (length of rope) with a toggle and eye at either end was spliced Jerry Canham, a retired tug boat skipper. This was stitched into the cloth heading (sleeve) edge of the pennant flag. The pennant can be attached to a cane and this will be flown aloft on special occasions.

Both Eli and Jerry are available for textile work or rope splicing, please contact us.

Andrew, Chris

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