A warm, friendly Heather welcome

We are delighted to share Heather, an historic boat, artistic refuge and home for over a century, laying on the ancient Broads Waterways of Norfolk.

It is our aim to preserve the distinctive character of Heather, enabling future generations to enjoy her charms. We welcome you to explore the houseboat and bountiful riverside beyond...

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

15 July 2013

Watching paint dry

The saloon panelling has been given some fresh coats of paint to freshen it up. Completed in stages, we are trying different colour tones, to see which suits the boat. Originally, the feather weight cedar match board panels were varnished. This must have made the cabin look quite dark. During Heather's hire period the inside was finished nearly wall to wall in cold blue. Later, John Royal painted most of the cabins in ivory gloss.
We decided to paint the head lining (inside roof panels) in an ivory satin finish. In contrast, the sides of the saloon are a different, bright buff ~ yellow colour. The new colour scheme hopefully helps create a more homely and airy atmosphere.

We are concentrating on the fo'c'sle ~ kitchen, at the front end next, making it more presentable for guests. There are also other tidying jobs, which need attention throughout the year ~ especially in the hot summer season. For example, touching up the hull, where paint has rubbed off and joinery repairs.



  1. Thank you for your kind words, good luck for the future. Chris

  2. Superb! Looking ahead to enjoy a relax and amazing holiday in houseboat hire.


King's Head Staithe, Hoveton, pictured from Wroxham public Parish Staithe