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Heather is a traditional yet quirky houseboat, laying on the Broads Waterways of Norfolk and Suffolk. Maintained by friends, she has been home to artists, holiday visitors and mariners for generations.

See on board the houseboat, visit the touring shop and relax on the riverside.

Public Staithes

Public Staithes

15 September 2015

Duck silhouettes for the home and garden

To help fund the next stage of restoration, we have made a limited number of Aylesbury duck silhouettes. Pick one up on your next visit, or we can send you one. 

The silhouettes are available either as a hanging version, or with a stake for the garden. Produced in a local boat house, the rustic silhouettes are made of durable plywood and finished in quality paints. The design is inspired by customary decoy silhouettes occasionally used on marshes.

For further information and to order, please email or telephone us on 07554 247712.


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