A warm, friendly Heather welcome

See on board the houseboat, visit the touring shop and relax on the riverside.

We look forward to welcoming visitors, as we celebrate ninety years since the rebuilding of a truly unique vessel.

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

21 April 2016

Flags flying aloft in celebration of the Elizabethan eras

The Red Ensign flutters aloft on the houseboat roof, alongside Royall’s crown pennant and the golden gated vane of the Pleasure Wherry SOLACE, for the occasion of Her Majesty The Queen's birthday and the anniversaries of the Bard, William Shakespeare ~ thus linking the reigns of two Elizabeths. 

It is a time tinged with great sadness, not least because of the death of Victoria Wood, beloved comic writer ~ performer and one time resident of Craven in Yorkshire.

HAMLET, Prince of Denmarke: A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a King, and cat(ch) of the fish that hath fed of that worm. 

William Shakespeare

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