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See on board the houseboat, visit the touring shop and relax on the riverside.

We look forward to welcoming visitors in 2018, as we celebrate ninety years since the rebuilding of a truly unique vessel.

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

5 November 2011

Online celebration of Broads cultural heritage

The Broadland Memories blog, administered by Carol Gingell, has produced an article about Heather, which looks at the houseboat's history, layout and features.

Broadland Memories is a wonderful and comprehensive online archive laced with personality which offers countless pictures, film and narrative gleaned from a host of sources. The website is an ideal tool when discovering the history of a boat or building; or if you wish to rekindle memories of a magical holiday on the Broads. This vast resource, rather tellingly looks predominantly at the original navigation and boating aspects of the Broads.

Hopefully a resurgance of interest in the true cultural heritage of the Rivers & Broads through online resources like Broadland Memories will help maintain the special character of Broads area for today and tomorrow.

Chris and Andrew, as the custodians of Houseboat Heather are committed to safeguarding and promoting all aspects of native Broads culture and forging links with like minded organisations.

Visit this fascinating and free website at: 

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