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Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

3 November 2011

Restoration works

Heather has undergone her primary stage of restoration at Royall's Boatyard in Hoveton St John, carried out by Steven & Nigel. Concentrating on the outboard, new rubbing strakes of African utile (similar to mahogany) were completely replaced, as was her forward stem. The very worn decks of the After Well have been reinstated, creating a new open space which fits Heather's original appearance, after she was converted into a houseboat in the 1920's.

This was followed by fresh coats of ivory enamel paint and black antifouling on her hull. She was then launched back in the water to 'settle down'. Heather's Cabin sides and Focscle were then rubbed down and stained whilst she was laying in the wet boathouse.

Our next task is to renew all the worn timber and complete a full redecoration on board for the second stage of the restoration, which should be completed by Summer 2012.

Further pictures and information coming soon.

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King's Head Staithe, Hoveton, pictured from Wroxham public Parish Staithe