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Heather is a traditional yet quirky houseboat, laying on the Broads Waterways of Norfolk and Suffolk. Maintained by friends, she has been home to artists, holiday visitors and mariners for generations.

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Public Staithes

Public Staithes

22 December 2011

Heather under wraps

The Houseboat at Christmas

The houseboat is now usually wrapped in her awning. The large vinyl and polyester awning shields the superstructure of the boat from the ravages of winter and the increasing number of gulls and pigeons fouling on the roof. We endeavour to clean the awning every few weeks. The paintwork on the hull is lightly cleaned with a wax wash at the same time.

Inside, most of Heather's belongings including the library of books, pictures, ornaments and drapery are stored in boxes to prevent damage caused during the damp winter season. Lockers and doors are opened, carpets removed and some flooring is lifted to thoroughly air the boat. 

Over the coming months we will continue the restoration focusing on the forecastle, saloon, heads (lavatory), adjoining vestibule and the newly re~opened after well.

Follow the on board renovation from January 2012.

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