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Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

30 December 2011

Required: A 'Courtier' Stove for Heather

Heather is in the process of being conserved and restored in an effort to complete the authentic appearance of the houseboat. An important feature of the cabin was a multi~fuel stove.

We have been searching endlessly for a 1920's ~ 1940's example of the original enamel glazed 'Courtier' stove, made by Mitchell Russell & Co in Bonnybridge, Scotland.

Has anyone knowledge of where we can obtain a free~standing version of a Courtier stove, preferably finished in white glazed enamel? This version was designed to stand in a centre of a room, instead of being set into a fireplace. There are four enamelled sides as opposed to a cast iron rear section.

Please contact us.

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