Charming corners of Hoveton and Wroxham - Gateway of the Broads Waterways

Charming corners of Hoveton and Wroxham - Gateway of the Broads Waterways
See the majestic wildlife at close quarters

A warm, friendly welcome on board

Heather is a traditional yet quirky houseboat, laying on the Broads Waterways of Norfolk and Suffolk. Maintained by friends, she has been home to artists, holiday visitors and mariners for generations.

See on board the houseboat, visit the touring shop and relax on the riverside.

29 January 2012

Archive image discovery

This rare picture showing Heather moored near the River Bure in Horning surfaced this week. Carol Gingell of Broadland Memories spotted the photograph whilst going through a hoard of 1960's pictures. The photograph was taken around 1963 and shows Heather (centre right) tucked between houseboats Shamrock and Clover laying 'amidst most pleasant surroundings' at Turner's Boatyard (please see 8th December 2011 Blog entry). Andrew Day, who owns the photograph has kindly allowed us to use the image.

On the extreme left of this interesting picture can be seen two boathouse roof gables ~ the then active premises of Ernest L Woods. This once renowned boatbuilding yard is where Heather is believed to have been converted into a houseboat over thirty years before.

It is hoped further information will come to light on the small but important Turner & Woods boatyards and the surviving houseboat, Heather in the future.

The crew are grateful to Andrew Day for permission to use the image and Carol Gingell of Broadland Memories Archive.

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