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See on board the houseboat, visit the touring shop and relax on the riverside.

We look forward to welcoming visitors in 2018, as we celebrate ninety years since the rebuilding of a truly unique vessel.

Andrew, Timothy and Christopher

25 November 2015

Eel catcher watercolour

Earlier this year we purchased a small watercolour picture on cardboard of a Broadland eel catcher’s cabin on the riverside. It is a delightful daub of William Leslie Rackham, a gifted Norfolk artist who lived from 1864 to 1944. The vessel appears to be that of a converted ships’ boat. A man is pulling long fyke nets of eels on deck. Rackham’s usual subjects were of lively wherries or yachting scenes and corners of Norwich, however this captures a serious aspect of the working river. Norfolk Sketches Gallery framed the picture. This was kindly sponsored by Caroline Nicholson.


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